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Any questions that you (or your customers) have will be answered right away (we promise). We’d be happy to have your customers email us their questions or comments directly – we’ll respond right away and bcc: you every time.

You probably have better things to do...

Your Choice

This is our standard procedure – however, if you’d like to maintain some or all of the contact with your client, we’re happy to oblige.

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Contact The Form Team

There’s a lot of work involved in developing a high-end medical webform, not the least of which is the back-and-forth between you and your client to come to an agreement on how the form should look and how it should work. If you’d like, we can take all that off your back and handle all the interactions needed from the beginning to the end.

Once your client has decided to go ahead with a new webform, let them know that someone from your Form Team will be contacting them shortly and we’ll get to work.

All contact will be by email, from We’ll 'bcc' you on all correspondence, but you shouldn’t need to get involved any more than shown below:

What You Do
What We Do
Send us your client’s contact information
Send us your client’s form info and logo
Send an introductory email to your client, explaining the process (see an example)
Discuss any desired changes or additions with your client
Build the form and upload it to our secure server
Send the form URL to your client and ask them for comments or approval
Make any requested changes, upload and notify your client
Upon final approval, develop submitted form version and test submission
Advise you of form URL
Add form link to your client’s website

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