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How long have you wished your EHR could read your current forms?

AdobeStock 187091585Well, your wait is over!

It’s the answer to the question we’ve received more than any other so far: “Can your form data be uploaded into our EHR?” And we always had to answer “Not yet.”

Patient Intake Your Way.  EHR Intake Their Way.  Everybody’s Happy!

The standard EHR intake forms do a good job of capturing the basic information needed to fill a patient record. But that’s about it...

Because EHR forms are required to work the same for every patient and every doctor and every practice, they end up pleasing virtually no one.  They’re not anywhere close to the patient-friendly forms that we’re famous for, and we’ll bet your doctors and your staff are getting pretty frustrated with not being able to ask for all the information they need when you’re processing a new patient.

EHR Integration

The Best of Both Worlds

When a patient submits an intake form under our new system, you’ll still get the complete, submitted form (in the same format as your existing form) sent to your office as a PDF – just as we always did.

And we’ll also upload the form data that your EHR needs directly, at the same time. Additionally, we’ll send that same PDF we sent to your office as an attachment to the EHR as well, so your docs and staff can reference it when desired.

You’ll still need to reconcile whatever medications, med allergies and health problems your patients entered (they’re never going to be in the exact language your EHR expects), but your days of entering everything (and scanning forms) will be over!

EHR Integration

“But Can You Work With Our EHR?”

Our new system works with every EHR.  We’re partnering with iShare Medical®, a leading DirectTrust® accredited online platform for securing, sending and sharing medical information among patients, providers and payers. And like everything we do at The Form Team, the entire procedure will be fully HIPAA-compliant.

And all this at a Very Affordable Price!

Our entire EHR Integration system is priced just like a regular form, with the only add-on being a small, 90¢ per transaction fee (a pretty small price for a new patient!) – see complete details here.

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