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One of the more irritating things that medical forms sometimes do is make the user enter the exact same information multiple times across the form.

DuplicatesThis often happens when a set of forms is combined into a “form packet” – each individual form usually asked for the same basic info (like name, address, phone, etc.). Then when the forms are all combined, those fields are still there. Often they’re not all needed if the form packet is always dealt with as a singular entity, but if you need to have some of the pages stand on their own later on you’ll need to have that duplicated info on every page.

We can grab those user entries the first time they’re created and copy them into every occurence of that same field thruout the form. If for some reason the duplicate fields need to have one of the entries be different from the others, the patient can overtype the correct info and the others won’t be affected.

If you’d like, we can suppress all the subsequent duplicate fields so your patient sees a shorter form than they would have.

We can even combine the entries from two or more fields to create a new field entry (it’s called concatenation). Say for example that you ask for the user’s name as first name, middle name and last name, in three different fields, but later in the form you just need their first and last name all in one field. There’s no need for them to enter it a second time, we can just fill the later field with the values <first name> + <last name>.

So much less irritating . . .

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