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If you need to collect a fee to accompany any of your submitted patient forms, there’s no need to ask your form users to mail in a hard copy and enclose a check. There are two things wrong with that scenario – the patient has to do a lot of things to successfully submit your form (and may just give up - you know how people can be), and your staff has to process all those incoming checks (not all of which have sufficient funds).

Even if you want to switch over to accepting credit cards for payment, you’ll need to set up an account with a payment gateway service provider and redirect to their website, or upgrade your website to be PCI-compliant if you want to accept credit cards directly on it.

paypal pay now button png 15We can make it all a lot easier. As long as the amount is defined (like a fee for a service, instead of for items in a shopping cart) we can place a PayPal® “Pay Now” button (or buttons) right on your form. Your patient can pay with a major credit card or with PayPal, and you’ll receive payment immediately in your business PayPal account (required, and free). 

No bounced checks, no payment gateway, no PCI compliance, no risk.