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A PDF of the submitted patient form is then downloaded and displayed, with the signature in place.

Secure patient forms submitted formThis is perhaps the most unique feature of the our program – the ability to receive a submission of a custom medical webform in the same layout and format as your original form, and in a PDF that you can file and/or distribute to other departments in your organization. You can see an image of the actual PDF of our example form here.

Note that all the content of the original is arranged exactly the same, but in a much cleaner style. You also no longer need to have areas labeled "For Office Use Only" on the form that the users see, but it will appear on the submitted form.

Another big benefit of our system is the end of having to try to read the entries on forms that have been filled out by hand – and the content of entries can be copied and pasted into other documents or messages.

In addition to PDF format, we can furnish form results in Plain Text, Tabular HTML, XML or CSV (suitable for importing into Excel®) formats.

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