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We started the Highland Group, LLC over 22 years ago, specializing in website design strictly for the healthcare industry. Back then, medical practice websites were in their very infancy (you wouldn’t believe how often we were told that “Doctors don’t have websites” and “It’s not really ethical”), and we were the only ones that we knew of in this market.

Thousands of medical websites later, here we are still – and expanding yet again.

Branching Out

Over the years we branched out into several related ventures, first developing a pair of state-of-the-art directory websites for all the physicians and dentists in the Kansas City metro (after doing a start-up physician directory in the Chicago area, where we first began). We also created a Medical Practice Intranet Program and a Hospital-Acquired Practice Website Program (to recapture some of the practices who had to leave us after being bought by hospitals).

One of the most successful areas we were involved in was creating and hosting secure patient forms, a program of custom-designed, HIPAA-compliant webforms. We’ve built many hundreds of medical forms over the years, and found we had both a real talent for it, and (maybe surprisingly) enjoyed it.

The Form Team

And so, here we are. We think this venture will be a winner – we build really great forms, and hope you’ll agree.

Please take a look through our offerings and contact us if you think we could be of help.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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