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When one of your patient forms is submitted, it becomes available to you in several different formats.

By far, the most desired format is the PDF
PDF iconWe’ll make the PDF look just like your original form, so your people can use it right alongside your older forms. You also can copy them, forward them to anyone else in your organization, and attach them to your electronic files (medical and dental offices who use Electronic Medical Records find this feature very useful).

Plain Text is great for the old cut-and-paste
We can furnish your submitted forms as plain text, in the format <field name> <field entry>. This might help if you need to copy large amounts of text into another document, for example.

CSV for the spreadsheet folks
The CSV format (comma separated values) is great for people who need to analyze data in a spreadsheet format. You can open your CSV document directly in Excel® (or any other spreadsheet program).

And if you can’t decide, we can send you the submitted form in all three formats!