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Patient Forms don’t have to be a one-way street!

Wouldn’t it be nice if your doctors or your staff could add notes or comments to the forms your patients submit?  And have those forms saved as PDFs, usable to anyone in your office?

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Well, guess what?  The Form Team is happy to announce our new program, PracticePlus.  

Office Use OnlyThe days of having to display a “For Office Use Only” section on the bottom of your patient forms, and then write in your entries on a hard copy of that form (and then keep that hard copy on file somewhere) are over!

Our PracticePlus program displays only what you want your patients to see on their form, and then when they submit it the version your office sees contains the areas available for your docs or staff to complete (we make them a different color to stand out from the patient sections).

After a click on the “Submit” button, the completed form is sent through the usual Form Team procedure to the destination of your choice.

You can see a complete demo of the PracticePlus program here.


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