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Internet spam is an unfortunate fact of life. In addition to the more well-known email spam, form spam is also a thing (although never encountered by the general public).

It occurs when specially programmed bots find webforms and fill them out. They enter irrelevant, fake information and worst of all – spam links to malware sites. When attacked submittals are viewed, at best you’ll see a lot of gibberish; at worst you may be exposed to malware downloads or have confidential information lost.

You’ve probably seen CAPTCHA widgets on forms in an attempts to prevent spam. Unfortunately, they can be bypassed or solved with the use of special software tools and extensions. There are even teams of human workers who solve them remotely and are paid by the ones they solve!

And the addition of CAPTCHAs usually tends to irritate medical form users – the goal of good form design is to make them as easy to use as possible, so that’s another strike against them.

There’s a much better way…

AntiSpam code added to our secure patient formsThe Form Team uses what could be the perfect solution: Our secure patient forms include a bit of javascript that will generate a unique code, save it as a cookie and accompany the form when the user submits it. The server will look for this cookie – if it’s correct it will allow the form to be processed, if not it will be discarded.

This process is invisible to your patients and does not require any action on their part.

Can’t ask for anything more ...

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