Custom, State-of-the-Art Medical Forms

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State-of-the-Art Medical Forms for Today’s User

The various medical forms that you use are a vital part of the communication with your patients.  People’s willingness and easy ability to fill them out can go a long way to help make your operations smoother and more efficient.

And yet, we’ve all seen some of the patient forms that everyone is required to deal with at some point.  They’re not exactly designed for ease of use, legibility, security, or much of anything else.

Well, ours are!  Read on to see what may be the best-designed, best-looking and best-working forms you’ve ever experienced.

You Should Do What You’re Good At – We’ll Build Your Forms

If you’ve been looking at medical form programs on the Internet, you’re likely getting very tired of seeing the words “Drag and Drop” and “Build Your Own Forms”.

Odds are, you were looking for someone to create some great online forms for use on your website – not the chance to discover your hidden form-building talents.

That’s all we do...

Government Forms - Clean, Organized and Legible

Clean, Organized and Legible

We’ll build or rebuild your forms into people-friendly, logically organized, secure webforms that you’ll be proud to display on your website.

People have come to expect the ability to complete medical forms online; the days of having to download an old PDF form, go through every field (applicable or not), fill it in by hand (legibly or not) and mail it back are rapidly fading.

Responsive Government Forms - Forms That Work Everywhere

Fully HIPAA Compliant

There’s no surer path to a HIPAA breach than collecting your patients’ ePHI through a system that isn’t fully HIPAA compliant.

We’ve been building and hosting medical and dental patient forms since long before HIPAA ever existed, and they’ve been fully compliant ever since.

Our system features complete end-to-end encryption and a fully secure server.  And your peace of mind…

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Government Forms - Electronic Signatures

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

A big part of patients not having to print your forms and fill them in by hand is not having to physically sign them either.

Combined with a few of our other standard features, you may never have a form arrive in the mail again. Think of the time and staff hours that can save...

Our system easily allows multiple signatures on forms (even on the same page), and we can make them required before the form can be submitted.

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Responsive Government Forms - Forms That Work Everywhere

Forms That Work Everywhere

Have you ever tried to fill out a PDF form on a smartphone?

Our forms are built using Responsive Design, which means all the form elements will readjust their positioning automatically, depending on whatever device the patient is seeing them on.

That means no more scrolling from left-to-right – text stays very readable and form fields retain their size.

More than half of all Internet users are using mobile devices to view your website, so...

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Government Forms - Upload just about any Documents

“Please Attach a Copy of Your ________”

Those words used to ensure that paper forms and the US Mail were required, and all the issues they involved.

Not anymore – our program allows patients to upload a wide range of document files along with their form submission. This provides you with a digital copy of these items, which can stay with the submitted forms in their files indefinitely.

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Government Forms - Online Payment by Credit Card and PayPal®

The Check is Not Enclosed

Your check-handling days could be over.

Our program offers online acceptance of major credit cards and PayPal® for defined fees, all managed through your PayPal account.

You can receive payment right now, and say goodbye to those old deposit slips...

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Online Government Forms - Duplicates of Your Existing Forms

Just Like an Exact Copy – only Better

You’d probably like to avoid telling your staff that “We had some of our forms rebuilt” – they’re probably very used to the layout of the old ones...

Well, the submitted forms that you’ll receive back will look just like your old ones, except usually a lot cleaner, and with much more legible user entries.

That’s the beauty of our system – we build every form twice: once for the use of your patients and then for your staff, to match the layout of your existing forms to a tee.

Everybody’s happy!