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Once your customers get used to the great new forms you’re providing, they’ll be a little more reluctant to leave and start all over again with someone else...

Offer Our State-of-the-Art Form Program to Your Clients

Effortless for you – and effortless for them

You likely have many clients who are still using PDF forms (or poorly-designed "Build It Yourself” forms) on their websites. And the usual reason they haven’t considered upgrading is something along the lines of “too much work” and “too complicated”.

And until we came along, they were right. Anyone who’s tried one of those “Build Your Own Form” systems with their “Drag and Drop Interface” is often not satisfied with the results, and unwilling to try again. You may have had the same experience yourself...

About that “effortless” thing – we can handle every aspect of form development, both from your end and from your clients’ – see more detail here.

Forms are important

Your clients’ form users often have to use them, and they can leave a poor lasting impression. And we’ve all dealt with irritating forms, and occasionally some pretty great forms – that’s exactly what we build!  Take a look at a brief demo of what we can do with a typical PDF form.

Save yourself a lot of work – and make a lot in return

You can see our retail pricing here – in short, we charge $99 per page to design the form from start to fiinish, and only $24 per month to host it on our secure server and provide unlimited support. We offer our resellers a 20% discount off these prices, and will bill you directly.

If you’d like, your client will never even know we exist. Let them know that someone from “your form team” will be contacting them to start developing their form and we'll contact them by email (using the prefix of your choice and copy you on all correspondence.

And you can rest assured that your clients will remain your clients – we have a specific non-solicitation clause in our contract (you can see it here). There’s no term on our contract – you can leave at any time.

Learn a little more about us here.