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This is our standard introduction – however, if you’d like to change any of the content we’re happy to oblige.

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An example of our introductory email to your people:

Re: Your new Patient Medical History webform


Hi <Your Contact> -

We’re the Form Team, and we’re happy to begin working with you to build your new Patient Medical History webform. This shouldn’t involve much of your time at all, and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy the benefits that the form will bring to your business.

We’ve already received what we should need to get started – if there are any changes you’d like to make in the content or layout of the form before we begin, please let us know.

We’ll begin to put together your form now, and we’ll send you a link to see a proof as soon as it’s ready. Please reply with an approval if everything looks okay, or if you have any comments or questions we’ll address them and send another proof.

It’s important to make all interactions with us by email instead of by phone – another team member may work on your form in the future and will need to be able to refer to the exact history of this form’s construction.

The proof will look exactly like what your form’s users will see, and may not look exactly like your current forms. This is to be expected – we often reformat the layout of a form to make it work on any size device, from a desktop computer to a cell phone.

Rest assured that the submitted version that you’ll receive will display in the same format as the forms that you’re currently using, so there should be no need to retrain any of your people to use an upgraded form (they’ll thank you for that).

When a user submits your form they’ll get an immediate acknowledgement, and the person(s) in your organization that you choose will get an immediate email message containing a link to a PDF file of the completed form. They’ll be able to print the PDF to keep a paper record, and forward it to others if necessary.

Thanks for giving us this opportunity – we’re looking forward to putting your form together (we really like doing this!) and will be in touch soon.

The Form Team

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