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What makes your secure medical forms so attractive to our patients?

We make extra efforts to ensure that all the text and form fields are very legible and large enough for easy viewing. We’ll rearrange the flow of the form (if necessary) to make it more logical and easy to understand. We’ll even rewrite some of the language of the form if it can help the patient complete it more accurately.

What if the form I want doesn't exist yet?

A significant number of our forms are new designs – just indicate what you want it to say and we’ll organize it and build it into an attractive, workable format. And there’s no additional charge.

How will patients know these are our forms?

We’ll include your logo at the top of each form, and the web address for each form will include your company’s name – example:

We have a lot of forms - can you help on pricing?

We’ll be happy to look at your situation, and can usually provide discounted development fees based on volume. Please contact us for more information.

What happens if we decide to go ahead with you?

We’ll be very happy! Then we’ll send our standard contract (no required time frame), and after you’ve sent us the info on the form you’d like us to design or rebuild we’ll email you a proof of the form for your approval. Once the design is finalized, we'll upload the form to our server and give you the URL to add it to your website. < more info

What happens next, when someone submits the form?

You’ll get an immediate notification to the email address(es) of your choice, which will include a link to our secure server. After entering their username and password, a PDF of the submitted form will be displayed (as well as all earlier submissions in the last 30 days).

What if we accidentally delete the PDF file that we’ve downloaded?

All the PDF files we create for you will be stored on our server for 30 days - if you need to retrieve one you just need to log into our system and download it.

How does your HIPAA-compliant system work?

You’ll will be required to register with our system to be able to receive both notifications of form submittals and the submitted forms themselves. Once a patient makes a submission, an encrypted notification email is sent to the registered user that includes a link to the submitted form.

Upon clicking the link and logging in with the username and password that you selected during registration, you’ll see a list of all forms submitted in the last 30 days. A click on any item in the list will open a backfilled PDF.

The user’s password is not revealed to or accessible by anyone in our operation or the personnel at our secure server facility.

When a form user makes a fee payment, how do we get paid?

We’ve found the easiest way to handle online payments is through PayPal® – they can process a payment through any major credit card or through their own service. There's no need for you to establish a payment gateway through your bank or credit card company, and PayPal handles all necessary security for the transaction.

The funds will be in your PayPal account (minus PayPal’s nominal processing fee) very quickly. You’ll need to have or open a (free) PayPal Business Account. We’ll create the Pay Now button and add it to your form.

Why does your pricing state 'setup per page'?

We go through and rebuild every bit of your form, field-by-field and line-by-line (and then build it again to create the PDF that you’ll see eventually), so almost all our effort is related to the content of each page, not the entire form.

For large, multi-page forms, pages that are all text and can be built with a simple cut-and-paste are included at no charge.

How does your “Quantity Discount” pricing work?

Organizations with a substantial number of forms may receive a quantity discount based on our ability to reuse repetitive elements from form to form – please contact us for more information.

What’s your billing procedure?

We’ll send an invoice when your form is completed and running on our server, and then bill (for hosting and support only) every year thereafter.

What will it cost if our we need to make changes to a form at a later date?

Nothing!  We’ll update your forms at no charge whenever small changes occur. A request for a complete redesign may incur some additional cost – please contact us for more information.

How long does it take to get our new form started?

Not long at all – we’ll usually have a proof of your form available within a few days, and the form will be up and running within a few days of your approval of the proof.

How long for updates or changes?

They’re usually done the same day.